I love to go to the movies, but this past weekend I was reluctant to go see Star Trek. Nevertheless I did my girlfriend duty and indulged B by seeing this film. I am so glad I did because it was a hoot. Yes dahlings "a hoot". I left this movie happy and delighted. Now, a few little things about me : I am not a fan of sci-fi and I usually run when I hear that term. I am not a trekky or a trekker. But this movie was way fun and I highly recommend it.

Now, let's switch gears, just a bit. Two weekends ago, B and I went to go see the documentary "Tyson." I know Mike Tyson is not a popular man, but this movie is touching and compelling. I highly recommend it. Before seeing this film, I heard an interview on NPR's Fresh Air where Terry Gross described Tyson as highly articulate, I was skeptical of this description, because they were not adjectives I would have associated with this troubled man. But she was right. Mike Tyson is not a role model, but I was so impressed by his self awareness and his ability to discuss his many failures. It is tough to see a train wreck and although Tyson, has not led what one would describe as an "exemplary life", this film is not depressing and it is not a pity party for Tyson.
So there you have it, two very different films. Click here if you would like to hear the Fresh Air Podcast on Tyson. And feel free to leave me any movie suggestions. :)