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Thematic Photographic : Edible

Don't these cupcakes look fabulous?
You may recall that I went to my friend Lexie's bridal shower on Sunday. And coincidentally this week's theme at Written is Edible so I thought it was a perfect opportunity for you to see the eats! These croissant sandwiches were fantastic, a lot of little surprises like grapes in every bite. It is strawberry season here in SoCal and these were delish!These wraps looked amazing but I did not get to try them because I was sidetracked by an artichoke dip. I love dips and since I rarely indulge, I pretty much dove in and never looked back. I would show you a picture but like I said, I pretty much inhaled it. Well I guess, this is a wrap! haha!


Maya said...

Everything looks fabulous! I want to come up with some fun eats during this summer season...

Mojo said...

Definitely looks like a spread I could settle in with. Now what are you guys gonna eat?

Deetree said...

mmmmmmm...strawberries are so good! and one would be great on top of a cupcake....

anita said...

those croissants had me at
hello! you have inspired next weeks lunch menu! thanks!

simpledaisy said...

Yum...it all looks fabulous!! I especially love fresh strawberries~

Carmi said...

I feel like I was there with you, thanks to your artfully captured pictures. You have a way of making the everyday seem special - truly a gift.

Lexie doubtless has a bright future, thanks to your leadership.