I have been on a very good streak of eating healthy and going to the gym. I have even been able to squeeze into some old jeans that I dug out of the sealaura vault, hooray! On the whole, I don't have much trouble staying healthy, but I do have trouble staying on the exercise plan. So I thought I would post this tasty salad that I recently enjoyed as a motivator to stay fit and focused. Once you have a pretty image, place setting , plates, it is more inviting isn't it? Don't worry this is not all I eat. I have recently become a big fan of brown rice, barley and quinoa. I highly recommend these 3 grains* in case you haven't discovered them. I usually pair them with salmon/tuna and a good portion of a green veg and I am all set. Now, don't get too excited this profesora is not a cocinera/cook. But luckily the resident chef at the sealaura estate ( B) takes good care of me. Your turn : What are your go-to healthy snacks or meals?