Happy Monday Blues #14! This week I have chosen some blues that might be familiar to many of you. I love jeans but have yet to find the perfect pair. I recently found an almost perfect pair with some Calvin Klein skinny jeans that were on massive clearance. I had no idea that they carried a petite line, so I was smitten and also impressed that they were not "mom jeans" or ultra low rise made for the slimmest 13 year old girl. So tell me what are your favorite jeans? The pair above are from Old Navy and I love them. I call them my Gilligan jeans because they remind me of the pair Gilligan wore on the island. Pleases share with me your favorite jeans, blue pic and if you have a minute check out the SNL video about "mom jeans" (it is worth it. It will make you laugh. You need to see it especially on a Monday. :)