Today we continue our tour of Venice Beach. I think of all the places we've taken Norm, this might be his favorite. He made so many amigos and got to sniff so many different smells, from incense, to pizza, to sage, you name it.Although there are your typical wares being sold, you will be amused and surprised by the diversity of artists on the boardwalk. I have found many gems here in the past.Venice is a lovely place to walk, sit and peoplewatch.If you need a little snack, there are plenty of places to choose from from $ to $$. According to the film "I love you man!" James' Beach has great fish tacos. I've walked by here a million times and never tried it, I guess I have to put it on the list for next time.
Finally, the good news is that whenever you need a little break you can step off the boardwalk and relax on the beach.