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Small Day Vacay @PS

Last weekend B and I went to one of our favorite weekend haunts --> Palm Springs. We were only there for a few minutes when we ran into Elvis! Can you believe it? We love visiting PS because although it is an hour away from the land of Red, it really does feel like a small vacay. You might remember me talking about PS last fall here.

We strolled the paseo and after a little window shopping we headed over to one of our favorite outdoor tapas lounge: Azul.
People watching with tapas and a margarita, sign me up!
After we left Azul, we stumbled across this cute wine bar : Wild for the VineWe followed the wine tasting with a nice Thai dinner. Aprés le diner, it was time to head home. But before we found our ride we found this cool one :Usually when we come out to PS we like to head over to the Cinémas Palme D'or to check out independent films. But we had so much fun on the main drag that we never made our movie, maybe next time. B and I had a a very busy week. I had profesora work and he gave a chemistry talk to his colleagues. And...we survived! Hip hip, hooray! I am so excited it is Friday and I can't wait to see what this weekend will bring. Hope you have some fun too. Where do you like to go for a small day vacay?


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Love that you saw Elvis. That picture makes the whole trip worth while. For a day trip I really like heading to Cedar Key or Honeymoon Island. But, I have always wanted to go to Seaside, Florida. I hear they have adorable little shops and the whole place is just beautiful. I’ll post pictures later. Glad you had fun! xoxo

Deetree said...

Fun! Sign me up for that tapas bar too!
I like to head down to St.Augustine and wander around. I also like to grab the beach cruisers and hit the spots along Jacksonville Beach. :>

anita said...

looks like our kind of outing!
isn't it great when the day is so fun you never get to what you went for....now THATS a sign of good times!

Mama C said...

That sounds fun! We need to take the familia there before it gets too hot. We took a Small Day Vacay a few weekends ago to Forest Falls again, so the kids could see the snow. They were in it for about 30 min and then their poor little dedos were freezing and they wanted to come home. But at least we got out, right?

Mojo said...

You ran into Starsky and Hutch while waiting for your ride? Cool!

annechovie said...

Looks like a nice day! I remember visitng PS when I was six....a looong time ago. Have a great wknd!

AndreaLeigh said...

oh tapas sound so yummy! i am glad you have a good trip. i like to pack up for the beach, myself.

Cloudia said...

What a nice weekene. good for you!

simpledaisy said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time!!! Have a great week~

Joyce said...

I love the Elvis shot! Looks like a perfect get away!

Have a golden day!