I came home and found this "intruder" at the sealaura estate. Security was called (AKA Norman) and this fella went running up a tree. Despite being uninvited, he did look quite precious framed by new spring leaves. So the weekend is here again and I am excited. I do have 4 sets of papers to grade but I am curious to see what my estudiantes have prepared. In my 202 class, we watched Maria llena eres de Gracia/ Maria full of Grace and in my 302 class we watched Almodovar's Hable con ella/Talk to her. I love watching foreign films because for me, it is another form of travel. These two films are intense and push buttons. And that is why I chose them. My estudiantes need to see life beyond the bubble (and so do I!)Speaking of travel, I have major cabin fever. I have not left the land of Red in weeks. Ok, maybe more like 2 weeks. I did have my small day vacay in Palm Springs on the 13th. But anyway, I am hoping that I get to escape somewhere this weekend. We shall see... B gets back from Salt Lake City today and am I so thrilled! (Notice the little anchor on his polo, yes dahlings I have converted him into the cult of J. Crew!) Feliz Fin de semana!