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Should I grade or should I go out?

I came home and found this "intruder" at the sealaura estate. Security was called (AKA Norman) and this fella went running up a tree. Despite being uninvited, he did look quite precious framed by new spring leaves. So the weekend is here again and I am excited. I do have 4 sets of papers to grade but I am curious to see what my estudiantes have prepared. In my 202 class, we watched Maria llena eres de Gracia/ Maria full of Grace and in my 302 class we watched Almodovar's Hable con ella/Talk to her. I love watching foreign films because for me, it is another form of travel. These two films are intense and push buttons. And that is why I chose them. My estudiantes need to see life beyond the bubble (and so do I!)Speaking of travel, I have major cabin fever. I have not left the land of Red in weeks. Ok, maybe more like 2 weeks. I did have my small day vacay in Palm Springs on the 13th. But anyway, I am hoping that I get to escape somewhere this weekend. We shall see... B gets back from Salt Lake City today and am I so thrilled! (Notice the little anchor on his polo, yes dahlings I have converted him into the cult of J. Crew!) Feliz Fin de semana!


Mimi said...

You should go out. At least for a mini excursion.

Erin said...

I hear you with the cabin fever. And I only got back from vacation a few weeks ago so I really shouldn't complain!!

LOVE jcrew!!

Deetree said...

Go out!
then come back and buckle down. :)

Joyce said...

Have a golden weekend whatever you do! xoxo

Mama C said...

Yes 'dahling' I agree that you should go out, and then pull a late nighter. You work better under pressure, right?

Maya@CC said...

I loved to watch all the movies starring Geraldine Chaplin! She was in some incredible films directed by Carlos Saura too.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

yep...go out. Take us along!