¡Buenos dias! I am so excited today because it is just gorgeous here in the land of Red. Those of you in the East, hang in there! If spring is not where you are, bring it to your casita. Here are some ideas:1. wear one of your favorite necklaces that reminds you of the spring/summer. Anything blue works for me. The ones above are what I call my one trick ponies. I am obsessed with beading the same type of necklaces. If you are feeling antsy or have cabin fever, go to Michaels or Joanne's, commit to one vial of beads for about 2 bucks and string it ! You don't have to make it all professional. Get yourself a little something to do and a new piece of jewelry for about 2 or 3 bucks.2. Wear your summer fragrance. If you don't have one, heck wear sunscreen! that smells like summer, doesn't it? I used to do this when I lived in "the bend" . Just the smell of coconuts put me in a great mood. This AM I put coconut flakes into my cereal and voilá : I was on vacation! My fave scents are Vanile Fleurie de Tahiti, Eternity Summer and Sea Island Cotton from Bath and Body works.
3. Watch the Travel channel or any movie about travel. Budget Travel has made a list of 25 travel films. For the list click here.
Well my dahlings I'm off to teach español, where I also get to travel via talking about culture YAY! So I must leave you for now, hope this post gives you a few ideas :) Ciao