This week's theme at Written is "Down". I took this pic in July of 2004 coming down the California coast. I had just spent 7 years in South Bend, Indiana and was headed to a new job in the land of Red. I was so happy to be coming home! This drive from Indiana to California was special for many reasons. It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life and boy, was I in store for some surprises! The chapters that I thought would follow did not happen. Not in the way that I planned or envisioned them BUT I would not change a thing. I love the new chapters that are being written. Sometimes I wish I could do more of the the editing :) but the unexpected twists and turns that have happened since that drive down the coast have forced me to shift gears and discover new things. New things about myself.
PS: It has been a few weeks since I have participated in Thematic Photographic, but Carmi's Written is one of my favorite places to visit. Hop on over to see other folk's photographic interpretation of this week's theme.