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Monday blues #6

This Monday is my first day of Spring break (it's way early b/c we have "May term") ! So I am giddy and not so blue inside. Since I don't have to write tests or create lesson plans, I have been nesting! I have been dying for a beachy wreath for my front door, but I haven't found the perfect one (at least not within the profesora budget!). Luckily I found this beautiful blue star at Joann's this weekend and with my 40% coupon it was only about $8! Speaking of nesting, I also found these little blue birds at Joann's.
Lastly, I found this blue anchor. I am hoping to spend today organizing and decorating the sealaura estate. I hope you have a fabulous Monday. Feel free to share your blue pic and don't forget to visit dear Mimi at Potspoon for her take on the Monday blues.


Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ooooh I shoulda (coulda, woulda) posted my post on the blue monday thread....cause their is certainly some blue to it!

Like your blues, girl!!

Maya@Completely-Coastal said...

I think the star is a great choice for the front door!

Erin said...

Yay for Spring break! :)

I love that star! What a great deal too!

Mimi said...

Here is mine! Hope you have a great spring break!

Deetree said...

The color of that star makes me go "ahhhhhhhh." Lucky you, Happy Spring Break!!
I posted a beachy Monday Blues on my blog...
check it out!
Happy Monday :)

Gabbi said...

I love your stars and birds dear Laura, but have to tell you that I must go on a hunt for that coupon you mentioned. I get them every once in a while, but I missed this one. It's a great excuse to go buy new beads! Thank you for sharing :) xoxo

MetaJewelryDesign said...

Very nice blog! Thank you for your comment on mine and feel free to email me from my jewelry website if you would like me to create something special for you!

Meta :)


Cloudia said...

Blue bird of happiness! Aloha-

AndreaLeigh said...

a beachy wreath is the next project on my list, just for you!

Eliza said...

Thank you so much for the add!! Im still new at this whole thing, so I really appreciate it! :)
I love reading your blog!

Kate said...

I LOVE the anchor. Is it from Joann's too?

Emilie said...

oh my gosh--those birds are adorable! i kind of need them, haha. what is joanne's? we have a joanne's out here--it is a crafts/sewing supply store--is that the one you are talking about? Thanks!