This whole week has been very busy for me, I have a HUGE deadline para mi trabajo. However, I have tried not to panic and I have tried to still make time for things that I enjoy and that nourish mi vida loca. For example:

1. taking Norman on good long walks. It is hard to resist when he stares at me immediately when I get home with what seem to be tearful eyes. He is so dramatic!

2. reading other people's creative blogs. Here are some of my new favorites:
Make mine a Mojito
My Chihuahua Bites
Completely Coastal
House of Turquoise
These are all quite different blogs but that is why I heart them!

3. preparing buenas ( i hope!) explicaciones del subjuntivo en espaƱol and meeting with my estudiantes.

4. Checking in with my friends who do not live in the land of Red ( but boy I wish they did!)

5. Maintaining a somewhat organized and clean casita.

6. and oh yeah....meeting my administrative work deadlines. I am almost there. Today is the big push to the finish.

I am so excited for this weekend so that I can recharge and get ready to do this all over again next week! :)