Although I did quite a bit of profesora work done this past weekend, it is hard for me to sit still on the weekends. I need an outing, a breath of fresh air . The santa ana winds were blowing out here in the IE, so B and I drifted around San Bernardino before we finally ended up at the Mission Inn in Riverside. Although we have been here before, we captured a different view. I love all the vines that decorate the Mission revival style architecture. The goal of the architects was to include elements of the 21 missions in the design of this building. This former boarding housed turned into magnificent hotel and spa has been an important part of Riverside since 1876. There is so much to see and learn at this historic landmark, if you want to learn more about it's history click here. Our visit was brief, we just needed a little escape before heading back to our laptops and to the busy work week ahead.Although I love to travel, little outings like this remind me how you don't have to go too far to get a little taste of another world, a little history. After we visited a bit more we headed back to the land of Red for a homemade pasta dinner and a night with the Golden Globes.