Lightbulb moment!
As I was walking through the sealaura estate, I was starting to panic at the sight of my unruly yard. All I could hear was Axl Rose singing "Welcome to the jungle" when inspiration struck! I walked over to my huge palm tree and was inspired by the braided pattern. Now this is not rocket science. Of course designers get inspired by nature all the time but either way it was a small coup in my day. So I decided to pull this belt out of the vault:Just looking at it makes me think Safari ! Axl is right, it is a jungle out there. Now I have that song in my head but it is one of my guilty pleasures, I'll admit. "If you've got the money honey we've got your disease!" Welcome to the jungle !
Watch it bring you to your shu n,n,n,,n,n,,n,n,n,,n,n,,n,n,,n knees, knees!