On Day 2 of our holiday, B and I got to spend some quality time with my niece Mia, or Mia-Dogg as B and I lovingly call her. We started the day at The District in Green Valley for a little window shopping then headed over to Whole Foods, for some lunch. B and I took advantage of 20 minute massages for $15 bucks each. It was awesome but a teeny tiny bit painful.
In the evening after B and I engaged on some all you can eat sushi off of the strip (Mia not a fan of sushi, we tried to convert her last summer and we failed) we headed over to the bowling alley. Mia is the pro out of the three of us. She is on her school's Bowling club (what a cutie, right?). BTW, today is my 100th post. Thanks to all of you that stop by and visit, I really appreciate it. Having this blog is a creative outlet for me, it allows me to live my fantasy of being a writer, photographer and supermodel (hee, hee j/k). But seriously I do truly appreciate all your lovely comments and visits to sealaura. ¡Hasta pronto!