If you have not been to the Hoover Dam, you should try and put it on your to do list. It is a very impressive and majestic sight. It is definitely a wonder in engineering.
We had a family outing to this beautiful marvel. However, pets are not allowed to walk on the dam so Norman and I stayed over on the Arizona side while B took some pics.
Wherever you stand, this place is just breathtaking, I had a tough time choosing the pics for today, if you have time today click on the images to get a better view.It was very windy here almost Chicago like winds, you definitely want to bundle up. Although I am not a participant in dog couture, I did feel compelled to put Norman's Notre Dame sweatshirt on the poor pup, he was shiverring! After the dam we headed over to Lake Mead. I was very invigorated by the blues found in the water at this reservoir. We were so happy to have this outing, it was a wonderful treat on top of all the other delights we were able to experience earlier in the week.