A few weeks ago I asked my 301 students to tell me about their current obsession. One of my sweet students said "the new 90210!" Now having been part of the era of Dylan, Kelley, Brandon, Brenda, Donna and David, I could certainly relate. From what I understand a wonderwall is something or someone that is always interesting to you. I have to say blogging has become a bit of a wonderwall for me. I can go from blog to blog and be inspired.

For sure my biggest wonderwall is the ocean. All I can think about is how I can get there. And when I can't get there I just look at my pictures, my beach inspired jewelry, scents and anything else that can mentally transport me.

A few of my other obsessions:
  • Norman Alexander
  • taking pictures/documenting life's big and small moments
  • how to make the subjunctive interesting to my students
  • sushi
  • gossip girl/priviledged
  • living in the moment