Yesterday B, Norm and I went to Forest Falls a few miles from our casita. B had mentioned going on a hike but I had no idea what was coming. More on that tomorrow. Anyway, it was a nice wilderness break after a bit of holiday shopping , eating and being teeny tiny couch potatoes.I am so proud of my Norman Alexander, he was such a trooper and good little hiker. On our way home, we made a stop at the local gift shop Jessica's treasures which is connected to the General Store. If you ever come up, make sure and stop here to get your adventure pass, you'll need it to park up at the falls. Only 5 bucks, not bad. If you want to enjoy some wilderness art, stop in at the San Gorgonio Wild life Gallery.
B, Norm and I have yet to see the falls! We have come up here before and hiked but never to the falls. We usually end up following other trails. It is a little embarassing since this place is called Forest Falls and all the local people rave about it. However, we have enjoyed our time here and it gives us more reason to keep coming back!