Creative Carmi over @Written has thought of another great theme for this week's Thematic Photographic. Since the staff @SeaLaura ( ie. me!) likes the water I thought I would start out with these pics. I took the first one looking down from my friend Kristen's apartment in Chicago and mind you I am afraid of heights, so it was a tad scary for me. Although initially it looks rather circular, check out the sidewalk and other hidden angles.
I took the pic above on the ferry on my way to St.John. These colorful buildings are actually on St. Thomas and they have lots of angles! I love architecture so I might post some of my other fave building shots later in the week. These angles are from the villa at St. John. Down below is another picture of the villa. I liked how the railing framed the scene. You might recognize it from an earlier post. So there you have it: angles! Make sure you pop over to Written to check out what other folks have posted for this theme.