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Norman Alexander Davis Class of 20__?

Well it has come to the wire. Norman and I have squeezed every last drop of summer. Wednesday will be my first day back at the University and back to my double life as a grown up. No complaints, this summer has been splendid dahlings!
Norman missed Freshman Orientation week but no worries, he is only 9 mos old. Luckily my schedule is flexible enough that he won't have to be in day care and can come with me to office hours. He is a regular in the Hall of Letters. Wish me luck as I become Señorita/Profesora for the 7th year in a row, woohoo!


Mama C said...

I just love your little Normie! He is the nicest dog in our neighborhood, I have to say. And he looks like he fits right in at the U of R.

I am glad you finally posted these pictures of Norm after weeks of me nagging you to post them. He, he, he!

Have a good first day!

Mary-Laure said...

ADORABLE Norman, he must be such a HIT on Campus.

I love the name of your blog because my mum's name is Laura...

montague pied a terre said...

You probably wonder ... how did someone from Grand Rapids, MI get to my blog? I was born in Redlands, CA ... 1946!! If you like water, visit our blog. I think I did a search on "France" and found your blog. Have a good year and give Norman a little scratch behind the ears.

Deetree said...

All he needs is a Doctoral hood for the first photo! You must love your job! Did you learn Spanish at school or at home? I took it for a few years and loved it. Depending on where I am people will speak to me in Spanish, assuming that I am Hispanic and I am able to do a little conversing (present tense, simple statements)so I guess some of it stuck!

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Ahhh...another year of school Senorita professora....I have a feeeling you don't need luck! Hey you may be proud of me I find myself using spanish much more often and can even engage in fairly lengthy converations...Proesora!

Norman looks like a perfect mascot, the little twinkie!

My guess is he will graduate in 2010...excellerated...just look at those wise eyes!

Mojo said...

He certainly looks like he doesn't miss much. Handsome fella there.