Maybe not. As I try to figure out what I am going to do to survive hard economic times, I often read suggestions from blogs and magazines on how to make extra income. Last weekend's Parade magazine had a variety of suggestions on how to save and make extra money. One of the careers they suggested was dog walking. I had tried it once before with one dog and it was easy money.
Today I decided to have a play date with my little Norman and our neighbor friends Lexi (black and white) and Rocky (small brown). Instead of wearing out Norman, I got worn out. Norman and Rocky decided to wrestle the whole way to the park while Lexi was eager to go on a regular walk. I felt like I was dragging a tumbleweed of two dogs and being pulled by a rip current. The kids, I mean dogs, had a great time but I realized maybe this is not the side career for me. I love animals but this job requires a lot of physical strength and I ain't got it. Even though today was just a play date and not an official gig, I was glad to make this realization because I could see myself taking on this seemingly "easy job" only to discover it is not so easy. I have a greater respect for professional dog walkers, because that job title is an understatement to the great service they provide working dog parents.